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Executive Director Job Description

Sigma Alpha Sorority, Inc. is seeking to identify a professional and dynamic executive director who will work to build upon the previous successes of the Sorority, as well as strive to cultivate accomplishments and growth for the organization. The ideal candidate will work with the National Sorority Board to oversee the operations and activities of the Sorority. This individual should be a professional with at least 7 years of related experience working with management and volunteers, a skilled talent manager with the ability to train, motivate, and work with others, an excellent communicator and consensus builder, and an innovative and forward-thinking leader.

Within the limits of organizational policies and guiding documents, the Executive Director is responsible for, and has commensurate authority to accomplish the following duties and responsibilities.

– Organizational Leadership
o Provide oversight and guidance to all programs and staff while being appropriately present and accessible.
o Provide oversight of the staff including monitoring performance.
o Ensure an adequate staffing plan and appropriate competencies based on position and needs of the organization, including appropriate delegation of well-defined authority, and proper compensation within budgetary limits.
o Responsible for the administration of personnel policy, for hiring of key management personnel and overseeing the hiring of support personnel, maintenance of salary administration procedures, and ultimate responsibility and authority for promotions and terminations.
o Ensure a growth-oriented, skill-centered environment in which staff grows and develops skills helpful to meeting the goals and objectives of the organization.
o Develop short and long-range goals for Executive Office based on the strategic plan of the Sorority.
o Proactively work with the National Sorority Board, and the Sigma Alpha Educational Foundation to ensure cohesiveness as an enterprise.
o Serve as chief administrator, ensuring that legal and financial responsibilities are met, agreements are fulfilled, and effective vendor relationships, including legal counsel, are maintained.
o Authorize, execute, or delegate such contracts, agreements, and commitments as may be necessary to carry out the goals and objectives of the Sorority.
o Execute or delegate such other general responsibilities as may be assigned by the National Sorority Board

– Financial Management
o In partnership with the National Sorority Board, develop annual operating budget

with input from staff, committees, and appropriate volunteers.
o Manage the budget and cash flow of the Sorority using financial resources in a prudent and effective manner.
o Manage the Sorority’s licensed vendor program and ensure effective vendor partner contracts and relationships.
o Oversee the authorized and proper expenditures of funds and ensure that all funds, physical assets, and other property of the Sorority are appropriately safeguarded and administered.

– National Sorority Board and Volunteer Engagement
o Work with the National Sorority Board to develop and implement the strategic plan of the Sorority and oversee its execution.
o Ensure that the National Sorority Board is appropriately informed on the activities and operations of the Sorority including proactive communication around progress towards strategic goals and financial performance.
o In conjunction with the National President, develop agendas and materials for

National Sorority Board meetings and conference calls as needed.
o Provide oversight and recommendations of governance training and best practices.
o Execute and implement all strategic and policy decisions of the National Sorority Board.
o Proactively bring ideas for service and program improvements to the National Sorority Board.
o Provide appropriate and competent staff liaisons to volunteer roles and committees and provide authority to staff members to enable them to properly perform their liaison functions; ensure volunteers and volunteer leaders are provided with the necessary support, resources, and assistance.
o Serve as an ambassador of Sigma Alpha Sorority to promote interest and active participation in volunteer and alumnae activities, encourage alumnae engagement, and oversee proper communication of activities of the National Sorority Board and volunteer leadership through the communication vehicles of the Sorority.

– Partnerships and Community/Public Relations
o Ensure appropriate communication between the Sorority and Sigma Alpha Educational Foundation.
o Participate in and support the work of the National Sorority Board, volunteers, and staff in increasing the Sorority’s visibility and promote the Sorority’s positive contributions and impact in our communities.
o Represent Sigma Alpha Sorority within the Professional Fraternity Association, community and overall nonprofit industry related groups and at related meetings, serving as a spokesperson and ambassador of the Sorority.
o Work in partnership with the President of the Sigma Alpha Educational Foundation to serve as an ambassador of the Foundation.
o Build and maintain collaborative opportunities and relationships.
o Oversee all inquiries from the media and universities, ensuring appropriate professional or volunteer personnel are designated to address media and university inquiries.

Executive Director Profile
– The ideal candidate for this position will be a dedicated leader who embraces change and is highly motivated to create a social, economic, and cultural landscape that is conducive to organizational success. The candidate will bring a variety of experiences and attributes to the Sorority including:
o Ability to build and cultivate an effective working relationship with Sigma Alpha Sorority staff, as well as build and maintain an effective team.
o Ability to build and cultivate an effective working relationship with the National Sorority Board and volunteers based on confidence and trust.
o Ability to manage and lead organizational and cultural change.
o Ability to build and cultivate an effective relationship with alumnae.
o Excellent communication skills including the ability to articulate vision and priorities to members, stakeholders, and the community; communicate directly and clearly with staff and volunteers.
o Ability to build and cultivate relationships and work collaboratively with strategic partners.
o Understand the importance of strategic planning and the ability to execute and implement a work plan to achieve the Sorority’s strategic objectives.
o Financial leadership and understanding of sound financial management practices. o Respectful, honest, transparent, and ethical leadership style.
o Progressive, innovative thoughtful leadership.

– Qualifications
o The Executive Director is committed to the mission and vision and should have proven leadership experience.
o Concrete demonstrable experience includes:
  Bachelor’s degree required with advanced training and/or certifications desired.
  Minimum 7 years of management or related experience, including staff management.
  Quantifiable experience working with or for a volunteer organization.
  Success in working with or as part of a board of directors.
  Understanding of and appreciation for current issues within the Greek and higher education environment.
  Experience and knowledge of nonprofit management, including an understanding of current issues and best practices in nonprofit management.
  In-depth knowledge of the management process as it relates to growth and long-term planning.
  Demonstrated ability to think strategically and critically, synthesize complex issues and information and lead a change management initiative.
  Strong written and verbal communication skills; persuasive and passionate communicator.
  Demonstrated passion, integrity, and a positive attitude and be mission-driven and self-directed.
  Ability to travel seven to ten times throughout the country as required, including nights and weekends.

–  Salary will correspond to experience.
–  Supervision and performance evaluations of this position shall be the responsibility of Sigma Alpha Sorority National Sorority Board.

Resumes and cover letters can be sent to The deadline to apply is December 1st with an ideal starting date of January 1, 2024.

Sigma Alpha SororityExecutive Director Job Description