How to Join

We’re so glad you’ve visited the Sigma Alpha website to learn more about joining! Sigma Alpha Sorority is a great network of professional women passionate about agriculture and about making a difference in our communities.

Find a Chapter

If you are an undergraduate student interested in agriculture and in joining Sigma Alpha, see a listing of where current chapters exist. Then contact the chapter to learn more about who we are and what we’re all about.

Start a Chapter

If no Sigma Alpha chapter exists at your university, you can start your own!
Find out how to start your own chapter.

Why Join Sigma Alpha?

There are myriad benefits to joining Sigma Alpha that willl positively impact your experience while in college, and far beyond, including:

  • Opportunities to hone skills necessary for career success, including leadership, professional development and teamwork
  • Community particpation, such as educational programs and service projects
  • Leadership conferences for educational and professional development
  • Scholarships to help ease the cost of education
  • A network of sisters involved in agriculture who can assist with internships and job placement
  • Occasions to serve in a national capacity through the National Sorority Board and Educational Foundation Board
  • A fun and rewarding experience!
  • I love Sigma Alpha because it’s given me opportunities I didn’t know existed and has been a key player in shaping me into the professional I am today!

    Jordan Bonham
  • I love Sigma Alpha because of the wide network of women in agriculture that is available to me.

    Kim Stassen
  • I love Sigma Alpha for the opportunities it has given me to collaborate and achieve with empowering female leaders.

    Emily Bartusiak
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