2023 Leadership Seminars

2023 Leadership Seminars

Each year, Sigma Alpha, in joint collaboration with Alpha Gamma Rho, hosts four regionally held Leadership Seminars. The purpose of the Leadership Seminars is to provide programming opportunities as it relates to chapter-wide individual growth and development.

Apply to be a Leadership Seminar Facilitator

The Leadership Seminars are led by four Facilitators – two representatives from Sigma Alpha Sorority and two representatives from Alpha Gamma Rho.

The ideal Facilitator is an individual who is competent in leading adult learners in small and large group settings about personal and professional development. Facilitators will have the support of a Curriculum Consultant who will construct the framework, identify learning objectives, and develop activities to meet predetermined objectives for seminar sessions.

Application Status: Closed

Application Deadline: July 10, 2022


Registration details to be announced.


February 3-4, 2023  Kansas City, Missouri
February 10-11, 2023  LOCATION TO BE ANNOUNCED
February 17-18, 2023  Indianapolis, Indiana
February 24-25, 2023  LOCATION TO BE ANNOUNCED

Tentative Schedule (All times are Central Standard Time):
Opening Session                                                       10:00 AM
Breakouts Round 1                                                    10:20 AM – 11:05 AM
BREAK                                                                           11:05 AM – 11:15 AM
Breakouts Round 2 (repeat of round 1)                 11:15 AM –   Noon
General Session                                                          12:30 PM – 12:45 PM
Breakouts Round 3                                                     12:45 PM –   1:15 PM
BREAK                                                                               1:15 PM –   1:25 PM
Breakouts Round 4 (repeat of round 3)                   1:25 PM –   2:10 PM 
Closing Session                                                              2:10 PM –  2:30 PM
  • I love Sigma Alpha because of all the professional growth I have personally experienced within my membership both collegiate and alumna!

    Megan Lutrick
  • I love Sigma Alpha because every one is so supportive and passionate. There is nothing better than seeing other sisters making a difference and striving to be their best

    Lisa Ecker
  • Sigma Alpha changed my life the day I became a member because it was then that I knew wherever life took me, I could always count on finding sisterhood there.

    Alacyn Cox
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